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VIP Registration for Current VC Students

VIP Registration for students currently enrolled at Victoria College will begin the last week of April.

If you are taking classes at VC this semester, you will have the opportunity to secure the classes you need for the fall before registration is open to the general public.

Online registration will begin Monday, April 25 starting at 8 a.m. and will end Friday, April 29 at 5 p.m.

If you need advisor assistance for registration, you may come to the main campus on Wednesday, April 27 from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The VC Calhoun County Center will also offer advisor-assisted registration on that day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Advisor-assisted registration in Victoria will continue on Thursday, April 28 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. If you need to enroll in classes at the VC Gonzales Center, you may register there between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on that day as well.

The last day of VIP Registration on the main campus is Friday, April 29 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Please note that registration for fall 2011 will be closed as of 5 p.m. on Friday, April 29 and will not open again until July.

The payment deadline for VIP Registration is Friday, May 20 at midnight. If you do not submit payment by that date, your registration will be dropped.

Scholarship Opportunity!

If you're planning to transfer to either Texas A&M University at College Station or The University of Texas at Austin, don't miss your chance to apply for the VC Transfer Student Endowed Scholarship.

You need to have completed--or be in the process of completing--24 semester credit hours at VC, which may include hours you're taking now.

You don't need to be a Victoria County resident to apply, any VC student who meets the selection criteria will be considered. You will need to be accepted at either Texas A&M University at College Station or The University of Texas at Austin.

Two scholarships will be awarded to students transferring to Texas A&M University at College Station and two scholarships will be awarded to students transferring to The University of Texas at Austin. Each scholarship will be $2,500 and will be awarded at $1,250 per semester (Fall and Spring).

You can pick up a scholarship application in the VC Foundation office in the Admin II Building or contact Cara Frederick at 361.582.2419.

Applications are also available in the Financial Aid Office, Admissions and on the Pirate Portal.

Application deadline is Friday, May 13, 2011.
Not long ago, VC's nursing labs were full of the pitter patter of little feet.


Each year, Nazareth Academy Pre-K students visit VC's ADN class for a day of mutual learning.


As part of their class curriculum, ADN students are required to complete a Well Child Pediatric Learning Module that incorporates concepts such as the teaching process, growth and development, wellness promotion and health assessment.


Their evaluators include actual children. The nursing students must prepare presentations to demonstrate these complicated concepts to a group 4-year-olds visiting from Nazareth Academy.


And so the future nurses gathered into groups to make presentations for the little ones using posters, songs, activities and demonstrations on a number of different health-related topics.

A child's instruction on how and when to wash hands.

Some even got dressed up special for the occasion.

Look! It's Captain Super Clean!

Along with a very descriptive poster graphically showing what happens when we don't brush our teeth!


Another group of students printed t-shirts with various foods and quizzed the children about which were good, healthy foods and which were not.

These smart little ones all knew Doritoes and Cokes are junk food and apples and carrots are good for you!


As you can see, great things happen when pre-K students help college students. The nursing students get a chance to practice what they learn a real world way and the children have fun, get lots of attention and learn about how to stay healthy.


Did you know?

Last month, Victoria College joined in partnership with VISD's Liberty Academy to begin an Early College Program for high school students.


VISD Superintendent Bob Moore (seated, left) and VC President Tom Butler (seated, right) signed an agreement officially joining VISD in partnership with Victoria College to offer high school students the opportunity to complete high school and earn an associate degree at the same time.

VISD’s Early College Program is grant funded and will enable successful students to earn a high school diploma and a college degree at no cost to them.

Also on hand at the signing were Assistant Superintendent West Learning Community Nancy McCord (far left), Liberty Academy Principal Sherri Hathaway (second left), President of VISD Board of Trustees Tami Keeling (middle), VC Vice President of Instruction Pat Vandervoort (second right) and VC Dean of Academic Foundations Babette Lowe (far right).

Before you go on Spring Break...

Check this out!

Yesterday, VC President Dr. Butler got together with a group of students to talk about important issues and listen to their ideas, suggestions and concerns.

Dr. Butler

Mmmm! Pizza!

Students listening to Dr. Butler

Not long after that, SGA hosted hilarious fun with their version of Minute To Win It!

SGA Treasurer Nallely Maldonado tries to build and tear down a 36 cup pyramid within one minute.

In fact, she tried more than once!

Then student contestants gave the cup pyramid a shot.

Keep trying!

Then Nallely tried to blow a deck of cards off the top of a bottle, leaving only the Joker as the last card.

She gave it her best shot!

Kayla Mayer tried, too.

There were other games as well such as rolling marbles across a table toward a strip of double stick tape and getting them to stick or balancing an increasing number of pencils on the back of your hand and then pulling your hand out from underneath them and catching them all. All within one minute.

...and here, Kayla Mayer demonstrates how to bounce a pencil into a cup, trying to get one pencil into seven different cups within a minute.

The Speedball Tournament that was scheduled for last Thursday will be rescheduled for sometime in April. Keep an eye out on the campus monitors for more information about that or stop by the Student Activities office.

* * *

CONGRATULATIONS to the VC Pirates men's basketball team on winning their conference championship and thanks guys for bringing home a trophy and a banner for the VC gym. We're very proud of you!

Rock Martin, Russell McElwee, Justin Crayton, Donte McGee, D.J. Hybner, A.J. Irwin, Ivory Gill, C.J. Smalls, Colten Clay, Head Coach Jonathan Anderson and Carlos Cortez.

* * *

Didja know?

VC's Associate Professor of Art Debra Chronister was recently invited to Galveston College as a visiting artist.

Chronister with the "water phoenix."

Chronister, pictured here with the piece she created in Galveston, conducted a ceramic workshop and sculpting demonstration presented by GC’s Island Potters Guild. According to Chronister, the piece (called a water phoenix) was inspired by Galveston’s repeated recoveries after devastating hurricanes—most recently from hurricane Ike in 2008. Following the pottery workshop, Chronister also shared her other passion by leading a Yoga for Potters demonstration as well.

* * *

And now, commence with Spring Break! Have fun, be safe and we'll see you in a week!!

On Campus Today

Are you ready for the beach?!


As we all get ready for a fun and relaxing Spring Break next week, the KEY Center and the VC Advising office had some sage advice to help VC students make good choices in the coming week.

Spring Break has come to be synonymous with college student indulgences, but there are things college students should be aware of and that's exactly what today's presentation was all about.

First of all, financial literacy!


It's important for college students especially to know the facts about debt before they begin to apply for loans and credit cards and today's presentation offered information and options regarding debt. There were also tips for saving money... because we all need to save money.


Following the presentation on financial literacy, Officer Appelt spoke briefly about drug and alcohol awareness and the legal repercussions of driving while under the influence.


At lunchtime, the KEY Center, the Tutoring Center and the Library kicked off the first of two reading round table discussions regarding Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love. Gilbert will be visiting Victoria College on Wednesday, March 30 for the Lyceum Lecture Series.

Students gathered in L2 at the Library to talk about the themes in Gilbert's memoir, including the nature of forgiveness and what it means to be honest.


Coming up on March 23rd is another, more in-depth reading round table where a number of discussion points will be placed around the room and students may choose which small group discussion they'd like to join.

Dave Ticen, Lyceum Chair, reads a passage from Gilbert's memoir

Some of these discussion points include:

  • What do each of the three legs of Elizabeth Gilbert's year-long journey represent to her?

  • In chapters 29 and 30, Liz contrasts her sister and herself. How would Liz' sister Catherine have described Liz?

  • Descriptions of food are found throughout the book. How is the food in each of the three places she visits differently described? What do these descriptions tell us about Gilbert and her state of mind during this journey?

  • If you haven't read the book yet, it makes for great beach reading! And you can get it at a discount in the VC Bookstore. Just bring your employee or student ID and you can get your copy for $8.25.

    There will also be a third round table discussion on March 30 at 8:30 am in the Welder Center downtown that Elizabeth herself will also attend. You won't want to miss all these great events!

    But before then, don't miss out on the fun planned for this week!

    There's a Speedball Tournament (like touch football) tomorrow and a crazy game of Minute to Win It! For more information about either one, contact the Student Activities office.

    Also, if you want to play intramural soccer, this Friday is the deadline. Head over the Sports Center and see coach Byers if you'd like to sign up.

    VC Pirates STCSL Sports Update

    As we near the end of the season, it’s time for an update on all the VC Pirates sports teams heading into South Texas Club Sports League (STCSL) Post-season Tournament, which will be in San Antonio the weekend that kicks off Spring Break, March 12 & 13.

    Women’s Basketball

    Let’s start with the women’s basketball team. This was the first season for the women’s basketball team and for first-timers—they’ve done an amazing job. They’re headed into the post-season tournament ranked #3 in the league with a 7 – 5 record, which is remarkable considering their rocky start to the season.

    VC Pirates Women's Basketball Team

    “I expected the women to be better at first, but they just weren’t running plays and had no offense or defense at all,” said Head Coach Josh Moore. “But then they decided they just didn’t want to lose any more—and their record has improved tremendously.”

    Head Coach Josh Moore

    Team member Heather Bryan admits that working together as a team was a struggle at the start, none of the women really knew what to expect from college basketball.

    “There were some growing pains and getting the team unified was difficult,” said Bryan.

    Heather Bryan

    But as the season has progressed, she says her team is much more prepared now—they’ve built up their confidence as a team and they all have a much better idea of what to expect.

    Photo courtesy of Kayla Escalante

    Even so, she says that because this is the women’s first year in the post-season tournament, they have no expectations regarding the outcome and they know the competition is tough. But she also says they know what they need to do and the women’s team intends to give it everything they’ve got.

    Photo courtesy of Kayla Escalante

    Their team to beat in the tournament playoffs? Northwest Vista College—who beat the women’s team by 40 points at their last match-up.

    Photo courtesy of Kayla Escalante

    Moore also admits that the competition will be tough; the women need to beat Palo Alto College and Northwest Vista College. But he also says anything can happen in basketball, and he’s looking for the women’s team to play the kind of basketball he knows they can play—with all their heart.

    Women’s Volleyball

    The VC Pirates women’s volleyball team is set to finish out a truly triumphant season and much is expected of them given that all of VC’s STCSL post-season tournament wins so far have been in women’s volleyball. Not only is everyone expecting them to win a fourth, but as this season marks the last season for all five of the team’s sophomore team members, a final win for those ladies is all but required. The women’s volleyball team is heading into the post-season playoffs ranked #2 in the league with an 11 – 4 record*.


    The volleyball team is about to bid a bittersweet goodbye to Jenna Braden, Heather Stubbs, Kaycee Hillmer, Chantal Beaudoin and Katie Lytle. Each of them is finishing out a second year playing for the VC Pirates and the STCSL (which includes only two-year colleges) will only allow students to play for two years.

    Jenna Braden

    Heather Stubbs

    Kaycee Hillmer

    Chantal Beaudoin

    Katie Lytle

    For their part, each of the exiting women said that leaving the team makes them sad and they all admit that their time as a team seems to have gone by very quickly. But at the same time, they all have big dreams and big plans to continue to pursue and so, onward they go with three continuing on in nursing, one headed to the University of Houston-Victoria and one intending to pursue radiology at Citizens.

    In the meantime, their team to beat in the tournament playoffs? Palo Alto College, according to head coach Josh Moore.


    “They’ve been our toughest competitors this year and we’ve lost to them several times,” said Moore. “They have a lot of really tall ladies this year and they’re playing better.”

    *UPDATE: The Lady Pirates did beat Palo Alto College in their last home game of the season!

    When asked how he feels about losing these five players, Coach Moore admits that their departure is going to be difficult.

    Back row: Chantal, Kaycee, Katie, Josh
    Front row: Heather, Jenna

    “Our team these past two years has really been a great group of girls,” he said, “they’re always motivated to do more, they want more for themselves and that has helped them individually and as a team.”

    Collectively, the team and their coach know that they can win their fourth post-season tournament championship next weekend.


    “These women are very tough competitors,” added Moore, “and I think the odds are very good that they’ll win the post-season—especially as this is the last year for Jenna, Heather, Kaycee, Chantal and Katie.”

    Men’s Basketball

    What does it feel like to begin a championship legacy? Usually no one can tell you because usually they don’t know that they have begun one. But the VC Pirates men’s basketball team can tell you, because they have done it this year. They’re conference champions this year and in the #1 spot heading into the post-season tournament in San Antonio with a 7 – 4 record in conference and an overall record of 15 – 14.


    Last year, the new team finished 3rd in conference and placed as runner-up in the STCSL post-season tournament. And even though that record is remarkable for their first season in the STCSL, it was tough to go all that way and miss winning it all by just that much.

    What a difference a year makes! Just earlier this week, the men’s team was still teetering on the edge of that legacy, but with a win against Southwest Texas Junior College combined with a propitious loss for Northwest Vista College against St. Phillips College, the VC Pirates men’s basketball grabbed their brass ring and won themselves the conference championship and secured their legacy.


    After the prior week’s disappointing loss where the team gave up a huge lead and lost due to poor officiating, a win on the road this week was important.

    “The team this year is positive and they’re prepared,” said Head Coach Jonathan Anderson. “Last week’s loss was pretty demoralizing, but they bounced back and shook it off.”

    Head Coach Jonathan Anderson

    The legacy of a conference championship is most important to the four sophomore men who will be leaving the team after this year. A.J. Irwin, C.J. Smalls, D.J. Hybner and Jonathan Flores have set the bar high and left a legacy of winning for future VC Pirates men’s basketball teams.

    A.J. Irwin

    C.J. Smalls

    D.J. Hybner

    Jonathan Flores

    “When upperclassmen are lost, the team loses its leadership and, while that is the nature of sports at a two-year college, it’s a challenge to overcome,” said Anderson. “We’ll be looking for some of our freshmen men to step up next year and lead the team.”

    In the meantime, according to Anderson, this team’s only real threat—is themselves.

    “Throughout this whole season, these guys have never failed to show up for every game and they absolutely do not give up,” said Anderson. “There have been a lot of great moments and many games where they have played 30 minutes of great basketball, or even 35 minutes of great basketball. But what they need to do is consistently play a full 40 minutes of great basketball.”

    He also says he knows this team is well capable of 40 minutes of great basketball.

    “I’m proud of these guys,” he said. “They just… they never quit.”

    And what does the team think?

    D.J. Hybner is completely confident they’ll win the post-season tournament this year and C.J. Smalls agrees.

    “The team is ready,” said Smalls. “We have the experience that we need now to win the tournament.”

    “We need to play every game like it’s the most important game,” said A.J. Irwin.

    Jonathan Flores agreed and added, “We also need to have good officiating.”

    In discussing this season’s toughest competitors for the men, Anderson said the field this year has been pretty even; the top three or four teams in the league were all within one game of each other throughout most of the season.

    Now, coming into the post-season tournament as champs, the team to beat is VC. And while being the team to beat is sometimes not an enviable position, it’s pretty clear that this team has the talent and certainly has the drive to win the tournament as well.

    As for the departing players, it may be difficult to give up competitive play at the college level, but each of them has plans to continue on at a university to pursue higher degrees.

    D.J. Hybner says he’ll study business at Texas State University or UHV and is looking forward to becoming a respected local businessman. A.J. Irwin will pursue interdisciplinary studies at UHV and coach women’s basketball. Jonathan Flores intends to finish a bachelor’s degree at UHV so that he can teach math and coach in high school, but he is also looking at other 4-year schools where he might still be able to play basketball while he finishes his degree. C.J. Smalls wants to finish working on a bachelor’s degree at Texas State University or UHV in communications to become a sports writer.

    C.J., A.J., D.J., Jonathan

    Anderson is always quick to point out that winning and losing is only part of what it means to be a member of the VC Pirates men’s basketball team. It’s not just about the number of wins and losses, it’s about the competition and this year’s competition has gone well beyond the STSCL conference.


    Throughout the season, the men’s team plays sanctioned teams as well—really tough sanctioned teams such as Blinn College, San Jacinto and Texas A&M-Kingsville.

    “This team’s record doesn’t tell their whole story,” said Anderson. “Their level of play, the level of competition and how they always fight to the end no matter who they’re playing—that tells a much more accurate story of how these guys play.”


    Above all else and through every win and every loss, Anderson emphasizes academics. The men’s team spends hours in required study hall and attend tutoring—maintaining good grades is mandatory to remain a part of the team. The men are also required to gain experience in leadership and giving back to their community—the team has a partnership with the local Boys & Girls Club and the players give their time playing with and coaching the children who are part of the Boys & Girls Club.


    All three of VC’s STCSL conference teams have done an amazing job this year and given VC a season to be proud of along with establishing a legacy upon which future teams can build. Regardless of the outcome of this year’s post-season tournament, all of VC’s athletes should know that all of VC—administration, faculty, staff and fellow students—stand behind them all the way.

    All About Lyceum

    This week, on Thursday at noon to be exact, Hector Cantu will be on campus at Victoria College as one of this year's illustrious guests for the Lyceum Lecture Series.

    There are a number of great events going on this week in anticipation of Mr. Cantu's visit:


    Three compilations of Baldo strips are available in the VC Bookstore for $10.95 each. Several copies of each are still available, but hurry because there are only a few.

    $10.95 each at the VC Bookstore, hurry while supplies last!

    The best news is, Mr. Cantu will be signing books from 11-11:45 a.m. on Thursday in the atrium area of the Fine Arts Auditorium. The bookstore will be set up there to sell any remaining copies on a cash or check basis.

    Following the lecture, Mr. Cantu will sign books again briefly in the VC Student Center.


    On Wednesday October 6, at 12:30 p.m. in L2 of the library, the Film Club and the Lyceum Committee will screen “A Day Without a Mexican.” VC Spanish instructor Gina Ramirez-Mere will introduce the film, which can best be described as a social satire with a serious theme.

    After a mysterious purple cloud envelopes California, all people of Mexican descent disappear. The film examines what life would be like for the people remaining—who will do the jobs, for instance, that these people normally do. Food is left uncooked and produce rots on the vine with no one willing to harvest it. Chaos reigns as the state’s economy comes to a screeching halt. The movie is narrated in “mocumentary style,” and asks “how do you make the invisible, visible?” The ironic answer, of course, is to make them disappear.


    In conjunction with the Victoria Advocate, the Lyceum Committee ran a contest offering entrants the opportunity to write their own Baldo comic strip. Several dozen entries were received and the top three were chosen. The three finalists will each be named in the Advocate starting with the Tuesday edition through the Thursday morning edition. The winner, picked by Mr. Cantu himself, will be announced at the lecture on Thursday and his or her strip will be published in the Advocate.

    To follow is the class schedule for Thursday:


    Classes that normally begin at 8 a.m. will be held from 8 - 8:50 a.m.
    Classes that normally begin at 9:25 a.m. will be held from 9 - 9:50 a.m.
    Classes that normally begin at 10:50 a.m. will be held from 10 - 10:50 a.m.
    Classes that normally begin at 12:15 p.m. will be held from 11 - 11:50 a.m.

    Lyceum will be from noon until 1:30 p.m.

    Be sure to RSVP for the lecture if you plan to attend.

    See you at the Lyceum on Thursday!

    Thanks to Lyceum Chair Dave Ticen for contributing information.

    Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of September 27

    Let me explain. No, there is too much... let me sum up. Buttercup will marry Humperdink in little less than half an hour...

    Wait. Wrong summary!

    First! There was some fantastic recycling.

    VC's Phi Theta Kappa students helped round up nearly 150 cubic feet of eWaste and carted it off to the City's eWaste special collection site at the Victoria Community Center.

    This was a volunteer service project and huge thanks go to PTK and faculty sponsors Dr. Margaret Janowski-Bell and Dr. Anita Brunsting.

    Dr. Brunsting is shown here with the accumulated eWaste to be recycled.

    She said the back of her car was "crammed" with old computers, monitors, etc.


    Then! VC Proud Students have a LOT to be proud of!

    Just a couple of weeks ago, a VC nursing student and her family were devastated when a fire destroyed their home. Without renter’s insurance to cover their losses, the family was in need of help.

    VC Proud is Students Helping Students and dedicated to committing random act of kindness. They stepped up to help this student and asked the community to donate cash, furniture and other household necessities.


    Lack’s Furniture donated a queen size mattress, Mattress Depot donated a bunk-bed and mattresses and JC Penny donated the bedding. The St. Vincent Association donated a $150 gift card to the VC bookstore to help replace the student’s books and other materials.

    Donations have also been received from Old Navy, Bath & Body Works, CPAT Ministries and Pacific Sun Wear. In addition to these donations of gift certificates and products, various friends, relatives and members of VC’s faculty and staff have donated cash and other furniture items.

    VC’s Campus Ambassadors also collected donations and VC student Helen Soto made the family a special quilt.

    Thanks to all these local businesses and caring friends, family, students, staff, faculty and other supporters, this family is getting their home back together. Bravo!


    There was a lot going on Wednesday.

    The VC/UHV Library gathered students, faculty, staff and others to participate in a "Read-Out" in recognition of Banned Books Week.


    Director of the VC/UHV Library, Dr. Joe Dahlstrom, welcomes everyone to the "Read-Out."

    You'd be surprised at the books that have been challenged with the Office of Intellectual Freedom. A challenge is the first formal step in the attempt to get a book banned from the library. In most cases the library in question is a school library, but the point is to keep all libraries free from censorship. You may not want to let someone else decide whether or not you have access to Stephanie Meyer's Twilight, Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird or David Sedaris' Naked.

    The "Read-Out" is a celebration of freedom and this year's celebration included readings from Maya Angelou's I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, Stephanie Meyer's Breaking Dawn, Augustin Burrows' Running with Scissors, Margaret Walker's Jubilee, David Sedaris' Naked, Paint Me Like I Am - a collection of poems written by teens, Asne Seierstad's The Bookseller of Kabul and a very bawdy portion of "The Miller's Daughter" which is a chapter in "The Miller's Tale" in Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales.

    Students, faculty and staff gather in the VC/UHV Library to listen to "Read-Out" readings from challenged books.

    All these books have at one time or another been challenged and attempts at censorship have been made. Yes... even Chaucer! And this past year, Merriam-Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary received a challenge based on 39 slang entries.

    Special guest speaker Aprill Brandon, columnist for the Victoria Advocate, told a number of hilarious stories regarding her experiences as a local entertainment columnist. As a self-described rebel, she pointed out that her particular sense of humor is not always shared (or appreciated) by her readers. But her serious message was an important reminder to be aware of self-censorship in the age of instant feedback from comments sections on blogs and via Facebook.

    Aprill Brandon warns against the temptation to self-censor.

    Feedback can often be particularly harsh and personal when people have the option to remain anonymous when posting comments. She told us that it's a natural thing to self-censor when anticipating the vitriolic venting of spleen about something you wrote. But she reminded us that caution should always be balanced with the importance of remaining true to your own voice and not allowing the opinions of others to change what you want to say or how you say it.


    Meanwhile... over in the VC Student Center the LIFE Committee was offering recipes and other tips and trick to Ole the Healthy Way! In other words, how to make Mexican food indulgences a bit less guilty. And guess what! It's easy!

    Let's talk about Sensational Food for the Senses! (Try it!)

    Look at how delectable this black bean and corn salsa is:

    Muy delicioso!

    But hey! This is easy, delicious and good for you.

    Black Bean & Corn Salsa

    (2) 7 oz cans of mexicorn, drained
    15 oz can black beans, rinsed and drained
    ¼ cup cilantro, minced
    ¼ cup green bell pepper, chopped
    ¼ cup green onions, chopped
    3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
    ½- 1 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

    Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Toss well.
    Serve immediately or cover and chill.
    Yield: 6 servings

    But that wasn't all!


    A number of different agencies and groups offered great information on how to get healthy... and who doesn't want to be healthy?!

    Plushie vegetables help with Better Living for Texans. I like the little garlic!

    BTW, if you're trying to cut back, check out this serving size guide.

    I wonder if Chili's uses this?


    Friday was a little less about healthy eating and a lot more about meeting VC's Campus Ambassadors. They were in the atrium area of the Health Sciences Center on Friday morning giving away breakfast goodies! Coffee, orange juice and... doughnuts! Mmmmm... doughnuts...

    You can almost smell the sweet fried dough goodness, can't you?

    And hot coffee... which we all need on a Friday morning, right?


    Campus Ambassadors Lydia LeBlanc and Heather Tesch with Janice MacFarlane and Campus Ambassador faculty sponsors Sharon Vaclavik and Kim Smith.

    Araceli Zubieta gets doughnuts and orange juice ready for fellow students.


    Lydia, Araceli and Dillon Hannasch getting more breakfast goodies ready for students.

    There was quite a crowd when the nursing classes let out.

    VC's nursing students work hard and, come Friday, are definitely in need of some doughnut love.

    Be sure to check out the VC Facebook Fan Page for links to information about all the events coming up this week on campus.

    Weekly Wrap-Up - Week of September 6, 2010

    Hello and welcome back! The Fall 2010 semester is in full swing now at the end of the first full week of September and it has been a very eventful week at Victoria College.

    Pop quiz! What's this?

    Hint: It has lots of books in it.

    Of course, you know this is the VC/UHV Library, but have you been inside it? Do you see it as a very large and imposing building filled with encyclopedias and dictionaries and... ah... maybe some academic journals, microfiche and a big stack of newspapers?

    Well, if you went to the VC/UHV Open House this week you'd know that the library is a tremendous resource for VC and UHV students offering way more than just books and academic journals. Of course, you can access an almost limitless amount of research material at the library, but did you know you can also check out a Flip video camera?

    You can really check it out!

    The library offers students access to a tremendous amount of technology and every media imaginable.


    Faculty and staff can check out an iPad, shown here by Abraham Mendoza, Media Library Assistant.

    The library also has DVDs available for check out...

    ...and audiobooks.

    And... about the books... they're not all reference books. In addition to a very cozy Leisure Reading Area, the Library has a wide variety of books covering any area of interest you can think of.

    Learn more about alternative forms of energy...

    ...or endangered species...

    ...or how to live the Good Life the Paul Newman way...

    ...or get some great ideas on how to make the world better by being responsible with all your... stuff.

    And some books are so pretty to look at, you don't even have to read them to enjoy them.

    Come on in! Have a seat in the comfy Leisure Reading Area complete with big screen TV.

    The library also has cool collections on display on the first floor.



    Strictly speaking, you don't have to physically go to the library to utilize its resources because in this day and age you can access e-books and articles online with ease. But if you don't go, you'll miss out on the best thing about the Library: all the friendly and helpful staff. Librarians are some of the most helpful, knowledgeable people you'll ever have the pleasure to meet and at the VC/UHV Library, they stand ready to help you make the most of your research, expand your interests and fill your leisure time.

    Student Activities wrapped up Club Week this week with a Pajama Party on Thursday. The week was devoted to showcasing the many different options VC students have for joining in student activities.

    The hardworking and dedicated staff in Student Activities created a cozy, Friends-style cafe in the VC Student Center where various student organizations had information tables set up to provide the complete 411 on campus activities.

    Join VC's Student Goverment Association!

    VC Proud sells t-shirts during the PJ party to support their random acts of kindness.


    Students who came out to enjoy Pajama Party festivities got free pizza and snacks, video games, board games and watched the game on the big screen while hanging out with friends... and everybody came dressed super comfy.

    X-box players.

    Taboo tournament.

    The rush for hot, gooey, delicious pizza.

    Mmmm! Pizza!!!

    But if you didn't make it to the PJ party last night, don't worry! There's going to be another one in October with an 80s theme, complete with prizes for best 80s fashion! Time to break out the leg-warmers and stone washed jeans! Look for AquaNet hairspray sales to spike sharply in early October.

    Stay tuned to the VC Facebook Fan Page for all the latest info and what's up on campus next week.